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In a dog eat dog world like this, taking risks is the only way to come out on top. If the risky end becomes the result, at least you had fun trying, right?
Your friend got a crazy idea and wanted to try out surfing? Then why aren't you out there mastering the waves with him!?
Ropes courses are a great team building exercise, and fun to boot. If you're not feeling that adventurous, then at least remember to be a team player in Call of Duty.
It's your world to imagine in, and you're the one controlling its limits. Break free and unleash your imagination.
These magnificent artists are crafting a masterpiece out of dirt. It's time for you to one up them.
See what this little guy is doing? You need to go out and be awesome like that. Pronto.
Sometimes a person just needs to get on a boat. Sail the seven seas or your neighbor's backyard lake, just make sure to set sail soon.
The wilderness is the great unknown, and only you can tame its wonderous landscapes.
Bungee jumping is awesome. Start your exploration journey here!
Having a night out on the town with friends after a hard day at work is a classic way to relieve your stress.
Sometimes flying a kite or building a model train are all it takes to just relax and enjoy life.
Boardgames are great way to have fun with friends. Dungeons & Dragons, for instance, can be a super social and fun experience!